Jennifer Connelly Birthday

It seems like Jennifer Connelly has been in show business for a lifetime and then some, which is why i was rather surprised when i discovered she was only 39 years old.

You heard it sister!

Jennifer Connelly's birthday is December 12, 1970.

So very fabulous!

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction

I remember reads on some website awhile back that Jennifer Connelly was suspected of having breast reduction surgery. Do you think this holds any truth?

This might be a first, in the world of celebrity plastic surgery!

Jennifer Connelly Height

I must admit, i always thought that Jennifer Connelly was on the taller side of women, that is until i recently discover her actual height.

Jennifer Connelly's height is listed at 5 feet 6 inches on several websites.

Was this a surprise to anyone else?

Jennifer Connelly Hairstyles

It seems like Jennifer Connelly is always sporting an absolutely stunning hairstyle, no matter what the occasion may be.

She also has a ample amount of hairstyle variations in her arsenal of beauty, whether its the sleek stylish or the long flowing with curls, Jennifer Connelly's hair is always very elegant and beautiful.

Jennifer Connelly Hairstyles.

Jennifer Connelly Desktop Wallpapers

Searching for the perfect Jennifer Connelly desktop wallpaper to add that perfect spice to your computer background?

Checkout this nice small gallery of Jennifer Connelly's best wallpapers.

Jennifer Connelly Pretty Teeth

Let have a quick look at the wonderful teeth of celebrity actress, Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer truly has one of the best smile in all of Hollywood, with beautiful bright white teeth.

She really has it all working for her! Amazing beauty at age 20 and now almost 40.